In this MANIFESTING MASTERCLASS, you'll learn:


[About Body Intelligence]

Learn how to listen to your body for guidance and answers.


[How to be Confident in Your Decisions]

Know how to be firm when making day to day life decisions and even the big choices


[Figure Out What's in the GAP!]

This process will show you how to understand what you are aligned to and what is not working. Then you will be able to decide how to proceed & align if you choose!


[Bonus Action Plan]

This will support you in utilizing this process for the next 12 months!


Cassie J.

"Bethany is a truly skilled healer. She gets right to the heart of my blocks and offers profound clarity. I could not have shifted the major traumas that have plagued me without her insight. I've worked with nearly a dozen people on these issues and none were as compassionate as Bethany. She provided a safe place for me to be honest and open, completely devoid of the judgement I have gotten from nearly everyone else. If you need someone to hear you, really hear you, and not make it about themselves, Bethany is the coach for you."

Maria G.

"Talking with Bethany change my life. With everything going on right now, unable to go outside, having to slow down life, etc. I was feeling really stuck and not knowing exactly what my next move should be. Bethany is an amazing reader and energy Chanel, with a beautiful soul. The moment we started talking she told me I had two big rocks on my feet that would not allow me to move. She helped me clear that, and also helped me remember the things I love doing the most, what made me feel joy. I am starting a new art course and hopefully return to my passion, that is creating. I recommend Bethany if you ever need someone to help you look deeper inside you and find out more about yourself, and most important helped you clear your way.  She is an amazing person that  transmits only light and peace."

Ria R.

"Before working with Bethany I had been reflecting on my emotions and some of the things that were blocking me from progressing in my business. I felt very emotional, tired and somewhat confused.Immediately after the session I felt so much lighter, happier and more positive about the future. Since the session this has continued and I feel like a weight has been lifted from me. Bethany has a great upbeat positive energy. Because she works on an energetic and Intuitive level she was able to help me with issues that I couldn't even verbalize myself. I highly recommend Bethany."

There is a sense of FREEDOM in being able to have confidence in your decisions.

From the moment I let the analysis paralysis of the mind go by listening to my body, things have been so much more in the flow and synchronistic for me.

My journey has gone through a 180 degree turn towards joy and ease that I had never experienced before!

I want you to always have this opportunity as well.💗

About Your Instructor...

I'm Bethany!  I wrote the book, Get Aligned Now, a 7 Week Process and I'm sharing the top secrets in this 2 hour+ action-packed class aimed for RESULTS NOW.

BETHANY LONDYN has been internationally recognized for her signature coaching services; facilitating workshops at companies and institutions throughout the U.S., as well as writing for many media outlets such as ThriveGlobal, YogaJournal, & MindBodyGreen. Londyn also facilitates intuitive healing sessions with her clients. She helps people jump-start their life toward manifesting their dreams, overcoming limiting beliefs and obstacles along the way. 

Londyn's mission is to support people in finding their own truth, which in turn produces their innate freedom. Her most recent book, Get Aligned Now, guides people to learn how to listen to the wisdom within. Her personalized approach will allow you to dig deep through body conversations aka Body Intelligence, and align with actual results like never before.


Learn 5 steps+ to re-align your life while leaving your mind behind so you can gain clarity, know your next steps, and become open to synchronistic events that lead you to your desired dreams.